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CEI ProDis™ is the online application by CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) that allows access to the ceraunic density datum of the Italian territory. Such information (indicated by the symbol Ng) represents the average number of ground flashes per year per Km² calculated using a square cell grid with side equal to 5 km.

CEI ProDis™ is a significant innovation in the field of prevention of damages generated by lightnings, as it provides a value of Ng based on data of lightning detected in more than ten years of observations over the entire Italian territory, with high spatial and temporal accuracy (identification of the place and the instant in which every single lightning occurs).

Data have been acquired by the Italian System for Lightning Detection - CESI SIRF ®, owned by CESI S.P.A.

The network, with national coverage, was installed in 1994 by applying the best sensing technology available today. This approach, based on the international scientific research of the last twenty years, is currently applied in a large number of systems across Europe and the world.

The CESI SIRF® network provides real-time detection and accurate spatial localization of all discharges originated between cloud and ground.

As far as the CEI ProDiS™ application is concerned, you can take as a reference the CEI 81-30 guide "Protection against lightning - Lightning Location Systems (LLS) - Guidelines for the use of LLS for identification of the values of Ng (Standard CEI EN 62305-2)".

The high efficiency of the system and the continuous operation 24 hours a day ensure the availability of a consistent, precise, and reliable database for the calculation of Ng.

Data sample
For the generation of the database underlying CEI Prodis, only flash data have been used (i.e., only the main branch of a lightning strike has been taken into account), in line with the convention commonly used in international scientific researches and standards.

The detection period goes from 2000 to 2010 included, for a total of eleven years of measurements. Cloud-cloud phenomena were excluded from the relevation since they are not significant for the design of protection systems.

Measured data were corrected to take into account the efficiency of the detection network, in order not to introduce distortions of the real meteorological behavior.

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