Quesiti tecnici

CEI, the standardization body formally recognized by the Italian Government and later confirmed by the European Union (see EU Regulation no. 1025/2012) operating in the electrotechnical, electronic and telecommunication fields, offers a free of charge Question & Answer Service to provide the user with the correct interpretation and application of CEI standards.

This service is addressed to the national users, therefore questions and answers are available in italian language only.

When submitting the question please refer to the specific item of the standard or guide for which a clarification is requested.

Our Service does not provide information about products, systems, projects, installations and technical solutions because this does not apply to our institutional role.

Please do not send your questions by e-mail, they will not be taken into consideration; use the here below online form only by filling all the fields out.

Some questions of general interest (nameless, in the respect the user's privacy), together with the relevant CEI's replies, can be consulted by users in the FAQ page.

You can search questions by subject or by reference number of the standard: in the second case do not include the word CEI or EN, numbers only have to be used (e.g. digit 60409-1 for the standard CEI EN 60439-1, digit 64-15 for the standard CEI 64-15.


Before submitting a new question, check our FAQ page, you could find the answer to your problem and go on with your work promptly.

Answers to old questions are only in Italian.

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Select a subject in the list in order to find out all the replies concerning the chosen subject in the FAQ page.

Search by standard number

Digit the standard number (e.g. 64-8 if CEI or 61335-1 when EN) and click the searching button.

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Digit one or more words you think proper for searching in the questions or in the replies (e.g. explosive atmosphere, lightnings, etc) and click the searching button.

Haven't you found the reply you are looking for?

Shouldn't you find the reply to your question in the FAQ page, please click the here below button and send your new question.

Your request will be sent to the proper Technical Committee and later will be available, nameless, in the FAQ page together with the relevant reply.